Brewery Owners - Simon & Keryn Matthews

Simon and Keryn are passionate about craft beer, and after many years working with other people's brands, decided it was time to work on their own.  They decided on a microbrewery, not world domination, and therefore bringing people to the beautiful Waiheke Island to taste the beers where it tastes best, at their venue Wild on Waiheke 


Our Brewer

Alan Knight

The brewery at Wild on Waiheke is under the control of noted microbrewery veteran Alan Knight. Alan first came to Waiheke to start the brewery up in 1997, took a break in 2000 and then returned in 2007. Considered eccentric, even by Waiheke standards, Alan lives a secretive existence behind the forbidding walls of his armed compound in Ostend. He is given to late nights, loudly opinionated journalistic rampages, kilt wearing, folk singing, gunfire, large scale home brewing operations and amateur theatricals.

We had hoped to get him to give us a description of his career and brewing philosophy for the website but have been unsuccessful to date. Our repeated emails to him and requests on the odd times he actually shows up at the brewery to carry out his arcane and mystifying duties are met with either outright refusal or vague assurances that he will ‘Jot something down when he gets a moment’.

However, Eddie ‘Mash Tun’ McWhirter, roving reporter for ‘Bottles, Barrels & Burps’ magazine, (Bringing you all that’s best in Craft Brewing since 2010!) managed to secure an interview with the elusive brewer which was published in their January 2011 issue and we are indebted to them for allowing us to reproduce it. Read the interview >>

Alan Knight Video Podcast With "Travel By The Pint"

American website Travel by the Pint features video podcasts showcasing great beer destinations in America's Heartland. In their first international episode, Travel by the Pint chats with Waiheke Island Brewery brewmaster Alan Knight.

Travel by the Pint: Podcast with Alan Knight - Part One Travel by the Pint: Podcast with Alan Knight - Part Two

In part one of the interview, we learn how Alan developed his beer menu to complement the locale, and the unexpected beer style that Kiwis favour. Later we learn about Wild On Waiheke, where the brewery is situated.

Alan discusses how he operates a commercial brewery on an island without a reticulated water supply and sewage system, characteristics of New Zealand hops, and how he overcame the risk for spoilage from surrounding vineyards.